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Putting this here too, for you bitches.

Maybe if you see it enough times it won't go over your heads. Not to jump in here or anything but I'm a guy. Want 2 cents? I'm not even pretending to care this time! Believe though, this goes against my ulterior motives. Yeah so, POC, don't stress dudes are dudes. It's hard enough to remember what we did that day let alone to talk about it with a motor mouth chick. I know I'm thinking about fucking. Start to get heated or make plans for the future and we're gone. In the head. Nothing's going on. Maybe we're thinking about the sexiness of your lips, wishing they were around our dicks. We're not listening to you talk about what kind of couch, or fucking dog, or house you want 5 years from now. It's got nothing to do with you. It's just like you don't speak english sometimes. It doesn't mean that we hate you. We deserve credit for feigning interest. We do that because we love you, not because we care what you just said about china patterns. We don't want you to, and we don't try to make you feel bad.

Girls seem to talk about things to talk about it, but when you tell us we want to fix it, so it goes away and you shut up. Listen to guys talk to each other. Joe isn't about "Suzy moved my clothes two inches away from hers, do you think that means she doesn't want to commit?" Yeah, I listen to you guys talk. You can't even bullshit. I'll give you this, it's a skull fuck. When we're trying to hook you, hell yeah, we pull out the concern... the yes baby, I agree, it'll be great, we'll do that and so on. When we've got you the hard work should be done. We filled our emo quota. Don't get me wrong, we have feelings. We think about them. When we're done it's done, no reason to sit and dwell on it, it's back to fucking, or maybe when you're going to get me some food or if you'll shut up so I can concentrate on my fucking game.

Etienne struck me as a regular guy, and unless he's fucking blind he knows he has a wonderful girlfriend, and that makes him feel good. He might not say it, maybe he should, but we're not girls. We don't think 'Hey, I know! I think I want to talk about feelings instead of beating the shit out of this mother fucker that just stabbed me through the chest and this controller is fucking bullshit.' Don't lie, you know you always want to talk during vein popping rage. We're busy ripping out cords and trying not to wrap them around your necks be happy with that. There will be time to talk about being old when we're old, when our dicks rust, and our hands shrivel up, and we can't do anything fun or run away when you want to talk anymore. :) Ok? Cheer up emogirl. Dude loves you, and see, I genuinely care because I do too. Now tell me about this hot girl fuck. I think I just earned it.

Also, I can't get in trouble for this. I call sanctuary. Remember, so much is lost in translation, and I never did learn to speak girl.
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