Jon Is Unrad (swallow_my_love) wrote,
Jon Is Unrad


Maybe I'll try public again. Been a while, it has.

01. CA was RAD.
02. L was HAWT.
03. Fuck was she ever.
04. I passed up a triplicate.
05. Stupid, stupid Jon.
06. I touched E's stuff.
07. That's like peeing on another dog's tire.
08. Did NOT touch his bitch.
09. She would shiv my narrow ass.
10. Broke Chris' car.
11. Oops.
12. I like numbers.
13. I jacked off so hard to scene porn.
14. That I chaffed Little Jon***.
15. Not really. Or did I?

***His name isn't Little Jon. I swear dude. Guess what it REALLY is, and win a date with Tad Hamilton.
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