Jon Is Unrad (swallow_my_love) wrote,
Jon Is Unrad

Etienne dude this is for you. Welcome to the um club thing.

After years, OK months, of studying the Triad of Diablerie, months of screaming "What the fuck does that mean?", and sulking until I'm told or get bored, I've gained a rough knowledge of their native tongue. Tread lightly brother as we enter the world of girl. (Sadly most of these words were from one entry in your girlfriend's journal! One man, just one.)

Entry: skit
Origin: skittish

1. A younger man, which they all seem to date.
2. Any male under 24 who fails to pay attention to long drawn out discussions about commitment, feelings, or the future.

Entry: Glenn Close
Origin: Fatal Attraction

1. A name commonly used to call themselves or each other out.
2. Behaving like the psychotic, love obsessed, stalkers we all know they are.

Entry: LT
Origin: long term

1. Dreaded abbreviation for long term relationship
2. Never ask, just ignore. Treat LT with the same caution you would a wolverine.

Entry: jumper
Origin: coward

1. Word used to describe fear, avoidance, cowardice.

Entry: heebies
Origin: a spook

1. freaked out
2. something uncomfortable, or foreboding.

Entry: POC
Origin: point of concern

1. Personal or relationship trouble often labeled for discussion as points of concern.
2. The "ladies" form a tight protective circle around any member displaying POCs. God help you if you have a penis.

Entry: WCS
Origin: worst case scenario

1. Self explanatory. Example: "OMG! My toenails don't match my panties this is so WCS!"

Entry: BCS
Origin: best case scenario

1. Again. See above.

Entry: The Exchange
Origin: secret swapping

1. Initiation ritual in which secrets are exchanged between a Triad member and a potential candidate. Candidate for what I've never been sure.
2. Method of bonding.
3. Very very scary. See TOS.

Entry: TOS
Origin: Terms Of Service

1. The rules of the exchange.
2. I have to believe that violation of TOS results in death.
3. I would prefer to believe it ends in naked jello wrestling.

Entry: + - x =
Origin: mathematical equations

1. Somehow these equations carry weightier meanings. I have yet to discover why.

Entry: loser
Origin: bad boyfriend

1. Generally, they complain that losers do not eat muffin, are stupid, lazy, inconsiderate, non-compliant, non-communicative.
2. Not all boyfriends are losers, but all boyfriends have the potential to be. Once dropped to loser status, they will never be redeemed.

Entry: triplicate
Origin: threesome

1. They plan these all the time. Pretending this isn't torture, like I'm not a guy.
2. They never include me. No matter how hard I try.

Entry: trike
Origin: third wheel

1. The girl joining the couple for before mentioned threesome.
2. "The girl who gets her fucking ass beat if she fucks with the rules." -Rina

Entry: Mark Demaline
Origin: Pathetic.Org

1. The embodiment of evil.
2. A really ugly man.
3. A great icon to use if you want to piss Laura off.

Entry: blandiose
Origin: really boring

1. "Something or someone that people think is rad, but it's not. It's boring. And stupid. Like you Jon." -Laura

Jon: I'm tired now. Can I stop?
Laura: Are you done?
Jon: Done enough.
Rina: How can you be "done enough".
Jon: I shouldn't have told you what I was doing. This was my fun! Leave it alone. You've soiled it.
Jon: Soiled it!
Jon: Soiled it!
Laura: Dood, tell Etienne you said that. He always says that!
Jon: You can't tell me what to do!
Laura: Fucking shit dood, don't start that with me too. You don't know me. Don't try to change me. I get that from HIM!
Jon: Good, you deserve it.
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